Deli Sandwiches 8.65

Grilled Sandwiches 9.55


Hot Italian (BBC's Basil Pesto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, tomato, black pepper - suggested on Focaccia or  Ciabatta)     Add Salami 1.00

Smoked Gouda Grill (Turkey, Gouda Cheese, Roasted Peppers, Tomato, mayo, spicy Mustard) suggested on Multigrain

Hot Ham & Cheese (Ham, cheddar, onion, mayo - suggested on Sourdough or Ciabatta)       

Grilled Club (Ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar, Swiss, tomato, mayo - suggested on Sourdough or Focaccia

Hot Cheese Melt (Fresh mozzarella, cheddar, tomato, mayo, black pepper - suggested on Sourdough or Focaccia)                                

Bay Bread Grinder (Turkey, ham, roasted peppers, asiago cheese, BBC's pesto, lettuce, tomato - suggested on Focaccia or Ciabatta) 

Prima Donna Grill (Turkey, Bacon, Havarti cheese, Tomato, mayo, mustard) Try on multigrain 

Turkey Reuben (Turkey, swiss cheese, sauerkraut & thousand island dressing on deli rye

Jalepeno Popper Grill (jalepeno cream cheese, cheddar cheese & bacon grilled on sourdough with a side of Rocky Top Cherry butter to dip in)


Toasted Sandwiches 8.95

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