Let us make a platter up to share

Sweets - call us! 231-922-8022


Huge Cinnamon Rolls 
         Cream cheese frosting!

Delicious Sticky Buns

Amazing Scones

           Blueberry with Fresh  Lime

           Cranberry Orange with Fresh Orange
           Cherry Almond
​           Double Chocolate Cherry
           All American
              with blueberries & cranberries
           Ask about any seasonal ones :)
We fresh squeeze limes & oranges daily, to make our glazes - YUM!

Carrot Muffins - we shred the carrots even!
All American Muffins - streusel so good..
and ask about our seasonal muffins... :)

Granola with Almonds and local honey

Granola Bars

Cherry Almond Biscotti

Cherry Walnut Brownies

Lila's Luscious Lemon Bars

Killer Brownies with caramel & pecans


Cookies :
              Chocolate Chunk
              Peanut Butter
              Frosted Sugar
              Cherry Oatmeal
              Chocolate Peanut Butter,
              Chocolate Cherry Pecan 
              Molasses Cookies

Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake - walnuts & streusel with cream cheese frosting on the side...

Handmade Spreads/Dips:


Smoked Gouda
Spinach Feta
Cherry Cream Cheese

Try the Spreads with our Seasoned Baguette Chips


Shipping within the state available - please call for details.

Have lunch up in the Roost
Enjoy the view of the bay

- Sweet Espresso Bar!
Try a Caramel Latte with a Cranberry  Orange Scone..............great way to spend the afternoon

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